Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Wild Card Wednesday - 7 Random Facts

1. Crinkle noises send me over the edge. Sometimes sitting in a movie theater can be pure torture (and I love going to the movies)! I was once thrown out of a movie when a fight almost broke out because I asked a man behind me to please be quiet. I think his hand was two sizes larger than his popcorn bag and apparently crinkle noises didn't bother him! LOL!

2. I won a penmanship award in jr. high, and find it ironic as I never was really happy with my penmanship until I was a senior in high school! I had a world history teacher who forced us to print in all caps (no, we didn't type our papers on computers back then), and through that I found my style! As a small child growing up I was told by one of my grandmothers that I would never have good penmanship if I held my pencil that way! Well, it seemed to work for me...I never did correct the way I hold it!

3. I was bit in the face by a dog when I was very little. It made my mom a little afraid of large dogs, but never me. The scar today is often mistaken for a dimple! Life just has a way of working out sometimes!

4. I never mow the lawn. About eight years ago I got a free pass from lawn care duty for the rest of my life! I was wearing canvas Keds and my foot slipped out from under me. I lost the first two toes on my right foot in the accident. For years I mourned flip-flop season as I could no longer wear them. But my dear, sweet hubby redesigned a pair last year and now I can wear them again!!! He ROCKS!!!

5. I believe we know what we want to do in life long before we realize we know! I first joked about writing a book when I was a sophomore in high school. I never really took myself seriously or worked toward that goal, but as I look back at my life I see that practically every job I've ever held has led me to writing and publishing my own book! Some 27 years later! Sometimes we just have to quit fighting the plan life has for us and let it happen.

6. I never flew on a plane until I was twenty and I was so scared I took Dramamine and was passed out most of the way from Seattle to LA. I have since conquered my fear of flying and think that traveling is one of the best things about the jobs I've held in the papercrafting industry! I love that we are able to get to a destination so far away so fast!

7. I am a book-aholic! I have more books than I have shelf space for. I probably have more books than I can read if I read everyday until my passing! But I love them around me. I love knowing the knowledge is there for the taking if I need it. Whether it is an escape from reality or life lessons I seek, I know all I have to do is open the book and dive in. They are comfort, they are strength...they are one of my greatest passions.
Thanks Heather for the tag! I always love to play!
Rather than name off specific people to tag, I want anyone who wants to join in to tag themselves!
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enjoy some time out to read a good book!


nicole q. said...

I loved reading your random facts!
I am really excited that you are publishing a book... can't wait for that! Such a dream to be realized.
Hugs to you for a painful day yesterday... and the days that will follow.
Love, Nicole

Heather said...

cool beans, you did the tag!!! I can't wait to see your book!!

Colleen said...

I too share your love and passion for books and writing...maybe someday I can realize my dream of writing a book too.

Sorry to hear about your mowing accident...the fact that you can see the bright side of everything is a great freshness.