Wednesday, August 8, 2007

I've been Tagged!

Jolene "name tagged" me to list 8 blog friends using personalized icons. So gals, consider yourselves TAGGED and play along! The icons used here were found at ImageChef. Jolene's icon, ironically, was the hardest to decide on. I think that is because the one I most wanted to use had already been used when she was tagged originally! Seeing as she lives among all men (her and her hubby have five sons) the soft delicate flowers seemed to be what I wanted to pick out for her. However, when I saw the STOP sign, I knew it was the right one! This woman never stops! She recently decided to take up reading (just for fun) and I found myself wondering just when she'd be able to fit that into her seemingly "always in motion" life! I can't wait to meet face to face when I finally make it down to Arizona! Thanks for the tag, girlfriend! ;)Shannon is one of the first friends I know that blogged. She is one of the two people that inspired me to take the plunge and try it out myself! And because it is her birthday week (yes, birthdays should be celebrated for an entire week!) this pic was perfect for her. Shannon is a UW Husky Alumni, so the purple frosting was a must! Happy Birthday Shannon!!!!
Tracy earns a star for her work as a dance teacher. Her photos of the girls on stage always melt my heart. A mother of all daughters, like myself, we first met when I interviewed her as part of a Designer Series I was writing. When she isn't teaching dance, blogging, taking photos or one of the other multitude of crafty things she does, she designs for Dream Street Papers! She would be that second person who inspired me to blog. My daughter got quite a chuckle out of the little cartoon in the margin of her page...I guess she could relate! ;)
Many of you know her as the pigtails behind Chatterbox, the one behind those journaling pens and templates years ago, and maybe more recently as the girl who pours out her heart to us through her blog, sharing her continuous messages of hope and perseverance. To me, Melody Ross has always been an inspiration with her strong passion for journaling. Her blog is always the one I find most inspiring. She opens her door and invites us all in. And while we get to know her better, it seems she touches us and motivates us to get to know ourselves better. Thanks Melody, for all you do for this industry!!!Dana and I share an unfortunate addiction to caffeine! So much so, we once challenged each other to give it up...while we both cut down, neither of us made if cold turkey for long. Her vice is coffee, while mine is Coke. She is truly one of the sweetest people you could ever hope to find yourself wishing you lived in Minnesota so she could be your neighbor! She also designs for Dream Street Papers (you can see both her's and Tracy's newest designs in a previous blog entry).I picked the military design for Nicole, not because she wears camo, but rather because she serves our country in a different way. While her husband is away from his family and his regular job, serving our country overseas, she keeps the home fires under control. We sometimes forget about the families that are left here while their loved ones serve far away are also making a great sacrifice. They give up their goodnight kisses, family celebrations and everything in between to keep the world safe...To keep us safe! So, here's to ALL those who serve double duty -doing the work of two parents- back home, awaiting the safe return of their loved ones!!! I sure wish you lived closer, Nicole!! I miss you!!

Vicki gets the blue ribbon for her incredibly inspiring work that continually fills the pages her blog. I love to see what new things she has created each week! Always so dainty and beautiful! Even how she takes the photos of her work is impressive. She takes her pieces outside, among the flowers and colorful backdrops, to capture an entire setting! She rocks! And her taste in music keeps me lingering some days as her blog becomes the background music I end up working to!
Of all my blogger friends, Kathi is the most recent to join the cyberspace journaling circle we all love so much. While I am still waiting for her to upload photos of her newly re-organized room (hellllooooooo, any day now! LOL!), I am glad to see her on board! She is a very busy woman...after she works all day at the "day job" she returns home to run her laser die cut company - Northwest Memories! I always look forward to seeing her newest creations!!

Okay...that's eight people in the blog world that inspire me with their words and bless me with their friendship on a daily basis! Who inspires you? Have you told them lately? Why not! Start right now....I challenge you to do something to let one friend know how much you care about them TODAY!

If not me, Who? If not now, When? -Author Unknown

Be the change you want to see in the world. -Gandhi

enjoy the friendships you are blessed with...



Jolene George said...

I love your list of blog friends and your heartfelt thoughts about each of them. Thank you for the kindness you've shown towards me. I can't wait to meet you either.
P.S. I fixed your name. I can't believe I spelled it wrong. It's not that I don't know how to spell it right since I did do it right on the blog list, but there are certain names that I type wrong sister Coleen being one of them. :o)

Tracy said...

This is fun! I laughed when I saw my "star!" You're such a sweetie. I'll have to work on this tag...

danahollis said...

Oh... that darn coffee... that awful caffeine... now I'm fighting a cherry coke kick, too. Ya know... the fancy kind with regular coke and grenadine and cherries... lol!

Girly... you're too sweet. I'm going to put that little label on my blog. That's too cute.

How fun... this tag will require some thought. ;)


Vicki C said...

Now that is just tooooo fun and creative!!! I'm honored! You made my day! Thanks girl!

nicole q. said...

You are just so sweet! Thank you so much, Deanna! You made my day. What a fun way to honor/thank/acknowlegde someone.
I miss you, too! :)

Colleen Schaan said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate your friendships.