Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Update: Birthday, Unmounted Stamps, Frugalities

Thanks to all of you who posted comments and sent e-mails wishing me a happy birthday!! You are all so sweet!!! It made my day each time I opened my mail!

Also, I wanted to take a second to answer the question posted about how I use my unmounted rubber stamps...
I use Super Tape, Oh So Sticky Tape, Wonder Tape (pick your brand name, they're pretty much all the same stuff!) and place it on a acrylic block. I can usually get at least four to five stamps on and off before I have to replace the tape with a new piece.

But, BEWARE! I have had a couple accidents along the way. I will share them with all of you, not so you may laugh hysterically at my incompetence, but rather so you won't embarrass yourself by doing the same things! ;)

Stupid Moment #1....I was in a hurry to clean up after a crop and I quickly scooped all my blocks into my tote. When I went to use the blocks back at home I discovered two of them VERY stuck together! That tape isn't so "super" at letting go! I did finally separate them but it took a LONG time! LOL! Always remove the tape before placing the blocks near each other or use a piece of wax paper to divide them.

Stupid Moment #2....Do NOT use Super Tape to apply stamps already mounted with EZ Mount! I wasn't paying attention and plopped my stamp onto the acrylic block forgetting it had the tape already on it. Now I have a permanently mounted palm tree stamp. Oh well!

Okay, you've had your laugh at my expense. I hope you've learned a little something as well.

As for that mountain of unmounted stamps I bought way back when (see archived post under "shopping"), I finally got them sorted, categorized and packaged. I am selling all the duplicates and unwanted designs at a local Stamp & Scrap Liquidation EXPO on August 25th! If you live in the area, you won't want to miss this awesome event! Former and current stamp and scrapbook store owners, manufacturers, and teachers are selling off their excess inventory and supplies at BLOW OUT prices!!! I hope to empty out a large portion of my storage unit and make a little extra money to put toward my trip to Memory Trends this fall! I hope I don't spend all the money I make shopping the other vendors' booths! {wink, wink}

And for those that wondered about the Frugalities shopping site I mentioned a couple weeks ago....They are AWESOME! I got everything I backorders! Yea! And it arrived so quickly I was blown away. I realized why when I looked at the return address...they are right here in Washington! So that means I had to pay sales tax, but at those prices it was worth it!!!!
enjoy the lessons learned...and shared.


Tracy said...

I love stamps, but they male me kinda nervous. Weird, I know, but that's me. I just worry too much about messing up the image. Get a life, right? lol

btw, the grass image in my soccer LO is a photoshop brush I created myself. I threw some long grass on my scanner - ta-da!

Tracy said...

oops - that should say MAKE me nervous, not MALE. duh.

Jolene George said...

Great tips Deanna! Sorry they were at your expense. :o)

Colleen Schaan said...

Thanks for sharing your Oopsies for us to learn from!