Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Random Things I learned Today...

I decided to "clean up" my favorites files this morning and in doing so had to open many links and re-discover why I had them bookmarked! While purging and organizing favorites into various files - to hopefully make me more effecient during future blog purusing - I read a TON of blogs that I don't tend to visit on a daily basis. Here are some of the most interesting tidbits I learned today...

1. I need not feel so guilty when I am too busy to blog for a day or two. Many bloggers get sucked away by a busy life it seems. The most-time-away award goes to Cori - who hasn't updated her blog since the Seahawks were in the SuperBowl...for those of you that aren't Hawks fans, that was February 2006! Maybe she'll start up again if the team can pull out another fabulous season!?

2. I am 15,357 days old as counted up by That equals - 42 years and 17 days! Amazing what weird little factoids you can find on the internet!

3. Radio Shack has a new ad out with a theme we should all repeat a few times a day to ourselves...
The slogan: Don't just buy stuff. Do stuff!
I discovered this here:

4. When you feel less than creative in the kitchen, look to your blogger friends for ideas....Here is one I will be making the next time I've got a busy day ahead!

Monday Night Chicken -
6 frozen chicken breasts*
2 cans cream of chicken soup
salt and pepper (and I'm adding garlic!) to taste
Put chicken in crock pot/slow cooker and pour soup over top.
Add seasonings. Cover and cook on low for ten to twelve hours. Enjoy!
This recipe found at:

5. The Internet is just a world passing around notes in a classroom. ~Jon Stewart
I loved this quote!!!! Found here:

I love blogs...both reading and writing them! It connects us to those far away, introduces us to new people who enrich our lives, and gives us a platform to share and learn new things with each other. Yea for blogging!
Today's photo ('cause blogs are so much better with pictures!) was found here:

enjoy what you learn today...


Jolene George said...

So fun to learn new things as you're cleaning up your files. I love this blogging world too. It's opened up a whole new world for me. Love the picture you chose to share.

danahollis said...

Cool stuff... thanks for sharing. :)