Thursday, August 30, 2007

Reflections of the past 18 years...

Today is another Milestone day
in my life.
It is my youngest daughter's 18th birthday!

As I sit here in this quiet house I find myself reflecting. Looking back on 18 years of change, growth, happiness and tears. My mind is flooded with memories. All the moments her quirky, upbeat attitude made me smile, all the times I burst with pride at her accomplishments,
and of all the moments I found her teaching me the lessons in life.

I see that pudgy-cheeked, baby girl who I was sure was going to be a boy.
I hear that big hearty laugh that always made me laugh as well.
I see her hand reaching out for mine.
I see her on her second birthday, with cake on her nose.
I see her sleeping, cuddled up in bed with the dog.
I see the terror in her eyes on that very first day of school.
I see her excitement as she makes the cheer squad.
I see her strong athletic ability as she leaps into the air
for another cheer maneuver.
I see the pain on her face when she loses her first love.
I see her celebrating her talents and successes.
I see her working on her own car.
I see her pride as she accepts her high school diploma.
I see the smile that never ceases to brighten my world.
I see her taking big steps toward independence.
I see her true beauty shining on the inside and out.
Everywhere I look, I see her.

At 1:45 pm, eighteen years ago, the nurse handed me a precious bundle wrapped
tightly in a little, pink blanket and my world was once again changed.
I was now a mother of two. I was doubly blessed.
I have discovered many things along the way in the past eighteen years...
but her gracious heart and generous smile have brought a warmth to my world
I could not fully comprehend or foresee all those many years ago.

Children truly are a gift from God.
Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!!!!! I love you!

enjoy your moments of reflection...


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Jolene George said...

What a wonderful tribute to your beautiful 18 year old daughter. I can see how full your heart is...only a mothers love can feel that way.
(((hugs to you sweet friend)))