Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Change is in the air...

So long's been fun!

It seems like summer has come and gone much quicker than usual this year. That could be because our weather was even weirder in Seattle than normal. Seems most of our nicest weather arrived (and departed) earlier than normal. (And still I wouldn't live anywhere else but here!)

But as summer winds down and fall fog begins to fill our morning skyline once again, I feel the change in more than just the weather. This September is the first that I have not watched one or both of my daughters head off for their first day of school. There was no school supply run, no marathon clothes shopping frenzy...and while it has been much more relaxed around here, and obviously less expensive, it feels kind of odd. Odd, yet okay. They are growing up, working more hours, considering college courses, and moving out on their own. The nest, as they say, is emptying out. Change, change, change...

This summer has been an indoor-working summer for me (as evident by my whiter-than-usual, untanned legs!)...working on the book and putting together the newest business plan for the crafters' retreat house. We are still working out the house details and negotiating the purchase (so stay tuned for more details in the next couple weeks). And when not working from the home office, I have put in a little time as an office temp to bring in some extra cash flow. As fall's harvest time approaches, I hope our summer seedlings begin to sprout up and flourish as well!

We have had time to play as well as work this summer. The boat helped acquire some much needed tanning opportunity (especially this past weekend at the lake!) and some fun, relaxing time together. It also awarded us some unexpected time with Rog's family on our trip to pick it up!
And while this summer brought some sad times for those close to us, more rainy days than usual, and lots of change, it was mostly filled with fabulous moments with friends and family, fun little get-aways and sunny skies, and opportunities to expand on throughout the year!

As the summer sun melts away, the memories we made linger on...

Here's a few pics from our Labor Day Weekend camp out!

enjoy the last moments of summer!


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Jolene George said...

Change is good, but hard at the same time, so I completely understand how you're feeling. Even though I live in a sunshine state, I don't go in it. I have resorted to tan in a can for a little color. :o) Love your weekend pictures. I'm going to have to find out what town my brother in law moved to there. He has a huge pontoon boat and plan to enjoy using it there.