Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Just Grunge It!!!

Okay, so yesterday Mom asked me if I knew about Tim Holtz's new Grungeboard, and I said no. Well truthfully, I do remember hearing it was being released, but not knowing any of the details I was unimpressed by another manufacturer's introduction of a chipboard line...even if it was Tim himself!
But when I checked out the YouTube video she sent over (because I knew she'd ask if I watched it! And heck, it was another chance to see Tim work....), I realized immediately that I had made a huge oversight! OMG!!!! This is NOT chipboard! This stuff is sooooo cool! I am already so completely in love with this stuff it's crazy...because I haven't even touched it yet! LOL! It looks like chipboard from a picture, and yeah, okay it has different textures...woohoo...but what you don't realize until you see the video or touch it and play with it, is it is flexible!!! It will stand up to waaaaayy more altered abuse than other products! Not to mention the addded ability for more dimensional play!!! I love how the crown is curved and put into place on the tag in the video!
Okay, enough about my ravings....check it out for yourself!

enjoy discovering the error of your ways!

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Elaine said...

LOVE that stuff! I wish he would have named it Grungeflex elements or something like that because it did sound like 'just chipboard' and it is SOOOO much MORE than chipboard!! I'm going to look for it at the CK convention today! :)