Monday, November 5, 2007

CK Convention - Weekend Review

It was a very busy weekend working Thursday - Saturday at the CK Convention, but I wouldn't have missed it for the world! It was so fun seeing so many old friends and customers and meeting tons of new ones as well!

I was lucky enough to get to work in the Dollar Scrapbooking booth with Karen Burniston this year and the deals were unbelievable!!!! It's amazing what a buck can still buy you!

Check out some of great things I just had to have...
Lucky for me I worked enough to cover all my purchases! I joked that I should've been wearing a "Will Work for Products" tee-shirt all weekend! For those who missed the booth (or the entire show) you can shop anytime online at:

I didn't have a lot of time to play during the show, but I did manage to hit a couple other booths during my breaks and brought home these little goodies as well...
Scenic Route (pic.1) had all their rub-ons, stickers and chipboard on sale! Lucky me!!!! 'cause you know their rub-ons are my most favorite in the whole world to work with!!! I also had to buy some of my Dream Street designer buddy, Dana's newest papers (LOVE the calendar pages so had to buy a year's worth!) and of course I can never walk past anything with a flourish on it, especially if it's MME Bohemian (pic.3)! And lastly off to the ShopWeR booth (pic.2) to score some fabulous close-out specials on We R Memory Keepers paper and chipboard goodies!!! And the best part of all....Now I get to organize it all away into my studio! You KNOW I love that part as much as the shopping!!! What can I say, I'm addicted!

One might think I'd had enough shopping for one weekend right?! Well, it seemed Rog felt a little left out! He thought we should swing back by the Nissan dealership to follow up on a truck we've had our eye on for a while now. And the fact that the Jetta started having some issues this weekend surely didn't help tide his desire for buying a new vehicle! So off we went....with every intention of simply giving it another test drive.
Once there however, we never re-test drove the truck. Instead, their full size SUV (the Armada) sat there front and center, taunting us. Looking all cool with its 6" lift and nice tires and wheels. It's power everything, including the back hatch door and rear fold-down seats. It's awesome Bose Audio System with Navigation and back up camera. It's heated everything...even the steering wheel! Sunroof. And amazingly enough, it's adjustable foot petals! By having the foot petals move towards me, I no longer have to sit so close to the steering wheel (years in the safety profession taught me how unsafe it is to sit close, but since my foot accident, I simply had no choice).
Up till that moment we had both thought the other preferred a truck over an SUV. Once we clarified that no, we each actually preferred an was all downhill from there! LOL! We borrowed a heavily loaded trailer from Kevin to test out the towing ability and it passed with flying colors!! Here is a picture of the one we test drove a couple different times yesterday....

And we fell in love with it! A black one (this is one is actually a very deep green) looking identical in every other way to this one will be parked in our driveway by Saturday...just in time for our first anniversary!

Is the anniversary gift supposed to cost more than the wedding?!

enjoy the excitement of what is new in your life!


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Jolene George said...

You got a lot of stuff! Gotta love that dollar booth!
Can I just say that I love the looks of that SUV. It's beautiful! How fun for you.
I haven't been ignoring you, just out of town, then tooth :o) I've missed you.