Thursday, November 8, 2007

What I've learned...

Our new truck (ok, actually an SUV, but in our minds it's a truck!) is tucked safety into the bay at Performance 4x4 awaiting her shiny, new wheels, big beefy tires and 6" body lift. This is only important because last night while driving through an intersection I swear our truck was sitting at the adjacent light. Headed NOT for Performance, but in the completely opposite direction, somewhere unknown and unapproved by us! I will never know if it was ours for sure, but it's like a mother and her can always spot your own!! So, to put both our minds at rest last night we drove to the shop and verified she was where she was supposed to be! if they will just get it done so we can have her back in time for Saturday! Because frankly, the loaner Altima I'm driving is nowhere near the same!

How quickly technology is changing and how cool it is! Okay, I already knew this, but it never ceases to amaze me! I got a new phone this week as my old one was limping pretty badly and wasn't Bluetooth capable (so I can talk hands free in the new truck!!). It wasn't super expensive so I wasn't expecting all the bells and whistles to be included. I didn't go for the PDA-type that I have been eyeing for quite some time now, I just wanted a basic, good quality flip phone. My only real requirement was it had to be Bluetooth enabled, and that it was a Sanyo. They hooked me up with the Katana DLX. And, is certainly DELUXE! It has a mini-SD card so I can upload pics to the computer instead of e-mailing them to myself (well, back when my camera still worked in my phone!), and it even tells me what the local weather forecast is and what movies are playing at my nearby theaters! A phone that actually gives me movie times!!! No more having to run home and look on-line or spend 5 minutes wading through the theaters phone tree! WOOHOO!!!! I am in gadget heaven!!! While the pink color was not my first choice, I opted to get it so Rog could upgrade his phone and get the silver one. He's much more a gadget-lover than I am so I'm sure it is only a short amount of time until his current phone is just not working well and it needs to be replaced too! LOL!

On the Scrapbook side of the world....

'Lil_Davis_Designs has joined the Fiskars Craft Division! I had heard they were going out of business, so it was nice to learn they are still around and will be releasing new stuff...just under a new umbrella!

Unfortunately, Arctic_Frog is going away. They are super nice people and I hate to see them close, but understand how hard it is for the little guys to survive in this industry, darn it!

A friend and I were talking about Glimmer Mist and at that moment I couldn't remember the name of the company it was from...I looked it is Tattered_Angels! I can't wait to get some of their mists and start playing with them! So many little time!!!
And to see fabulous uses with the mist, check out Vicki_Chrisman's blog - she uses the mist a lot! She is sooooooo talented and I love seeing all the beautiful things she comes up with!

Feeling Lucky? Here are a few contests currently going on...

CK always has great giveaways going on and on the chance that I could win a QK Silhouette and other great stuff, I had to enter! Check it out at: I_Want_One_Too!

100_Proof_Press Stamps Bi-annual Design contest

Rubber_Trouble Rubber Stamps Publication Rewards

enjoy what new things life brings you today!

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Jolene George said...

I'm glad your SUV is safe and sound! You phone is the color I wanted. When I went to buy mine they only had dark pink so I got it. Yours is prettier.
That glimmer mist looks so cool!