Monday, November 12, 2007

Weekend Recap...

When we realized on Friday that our new truck (SUV, whatever)wasn't going to be even get worked on until today (Monday), we told Nissan to give it back! We would rather drive our own, new vehicle over some used lot car....helllllooooo! So I am sadly dropping it back off this morning and won't get it back until hopefully Wednesday. And because Rog was home, I barely got to even drive it this weekend (sniffle, sniffle). But I'll even up the drive time hours soon enough! ;)

We had a fun, relaxing day together for our anniversary on Saturday, although I ended up falling asleep early as I just didn't feel very good. Whatever it was never really lingered luckily, and by Sunday I was fine again. We met up with friends and took their holiday photo at a local nursery, known for it's incredible decor (Wight's)...especially at Christmas time! Their trees are always soooooo beautiful and it makes me want to rush right home and put ours up. Ok, I didn't, but for a glimmer of a second I wished I could! I found an all-holiday music channel on our XM radio dial and played Christmas music all the way from home to the nursery to help get Rog "in the mood!" It didn't really work! But, hey, I tried! Usually I have a hard time with Christmas invading my world before Thanksgiving arrives, but this year it doesn't seem to be bothering me as much. I am still looking forward to Thanksgiving and even got my fall decor out last week finally, but for some reason this year, I am just totally in the Christmas mood!
Okay, so we started watching Amazing Race this season. I've seen bits here and there but never been a die hard fan like I am with Survivor. But now that it is on Sundays rather than Tuesday it works better for me, so I set the Tivo and decided to stay tuned till the end. But I have to say, I'm already wondering if I can make it that far. While the race is good and the characters are interesting, I find our home team a bit unnerving! Christina and the Dad (whose name escapes me right now) are almost more than I can stand to watch! Well, not Christina, but rather entirely her father and the way he treats her. It is horrible! He is rude and arrogant and simply needs to SHUT UP! He drones on and on just to hear himself speak! I feel so bad for her. She is trying so hard and he is always slamming down her efforts. And he had the gall to talk to the grandson/grandfather team about their rudeness at the airport. Somebody please....hand him a mirror! His message seems to be that is is okay to be rude to family, just not strangers! It is hard for me to watch him and I find myself talking to the television as though he can hear me!
Okay, maybe I need a little less reality tv in my life, huh?! LOL!

enjoy the memories of your weekend...

Amazing Race photo by CBS

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Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

thanks so much for the visit! I love your blog! Such great stuff. Can't wait for your book to come out. How exciting!
I'm with you on the Amazing Race.....he is such a jerk. I'm sure he's learning his lesson by watching himself.
Survivor Rocks!