Thursday, December 27, 2007

Top Five Things...

I loved about this Christmas holiday. (Tagged from Melody's blog.)

With things being a little more stressful than usual this season, it seemed an ideal time to look past the chaos and reflect on the positive things that made this holiday great!

1. Okay, if you read yesterday's blog entry you already know this first answer....It snowed on Christmas!!!!! And in Seattle that is not your average every year sort of thing. So having a white Christmas tops this year's list!

2. Our house was filled with love and laughter BOTH days of Christmas! Christmas Day is celebrated at my house every year, but this year we started early. My parents and Grandmother came over Christmas Eve and we cooked and wrapped all day, had a great last-minute dinner (after realizing pizza places don't deliver on Christmas Eve! LOL! Who knew?!), and decided while the kids were away celebrating with their Dad that maybe Santa should deliver the adults' stocking a wee bit early. You know, to allow more time in the morning to focus on the children! So we opened our stockings and laughed and joked and had a fabulous time! It is one of the best Christmas Eve's I've had in years!

3. Rog and I decided to make our relationship a higher priority. It is easy to get distracted with all the family drama we've had to face in our few short years together and we made a promise to work harder on being better partners to each other and a better team together. That truly is the greatest gift we could ever give to one another. Although the pocket-size digital camera he bought me was nice too! ;)

4. We have a large dining room table and I love it!! You see, it is more than just having a BIG table, but having a lot of friends and family to fill it up! The more the merrier and all... We had friends stop by on Christmas as we were getting ready to eat and they agreed to join us. We quickly grabbed a couple more chairs and we were set. To me, that makes the best holiday!!! A BIG, FULL table.

5. Christmas night at the movies. I love movies and I love Christmas so it is to me the perfect way to end a great day. We saw National Treasure: Book of Secrets and like the first, I really enjoyed it. I love that this time of year offers so many great movies to choose from. Yesterday Deb and I took a break and saw PS: I Love You. A great romantic comedy, while a little sad at times, it had me in stitches the rest of the time. Next on the list...The Bucket List, 27 Dresses and Charlie Wilson's War. Like I said...I Love movies!

So there they are, five things in random order that I loved about this Christmas. Not to be confused with what I am most thankful for this Christmas; which would only need one answer. Hands down, the love and support of my family and friends. I am truly blessed in so many ways, but above all else by having so many people to fill my life with love and joy.

So what are your top five favorite moments? It's your turn.... We all took time to say we were stressed out, behind on time, and frenzied to complete our holiday tasks, now let's take a second to say what made all the craziness worth while. 'Cause no matter how stressed it makes us every year...would we have it any other way?! ;)

*I still have not gathered together the three cameras we used to take holiday photos this year, so I will post pictures another day.

enjoy the post-holiday time to catch back up!

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