Wednesday, December 26, 2007

When you really Believe...

...sometimes magic happens!
I had one of the most stressful pre-Christmas seasons ever this year. Between being sick for over a week and a half and having a lot of family things going on, I struggled to keep the holiday spirit alive in my house and had very little time to focus on holiday preparations. But through it all, my absolute LOVE of Christmas carried me through.

One thing I held onto was the dream of a white Christmas. I haven't seen snow on Christmas since my girls were toddlers and I just felt I needed it this year. So I believed. I believed even thought the weatherman said it would rain. I believed even though everyone reminded me it hardly ever snows in Seattle on Christmas. I believed even when I woke up and it wasn't there. I believed...and guess what?! IT SNOWED!!!! We looked up as we were unwrapping gifts and saw that the rain was beginning to mix with snow. Then it turned completely to snow. And it snowed for hours!
And to me it was as though the Lord whispered into my ear, "Here you go. Thanks for believing and hanging in when the going got rough." In that second all the frustrations of the pre-holiday season washed away and my world was at total peace. My Christmas spirit bucket was once again overflowing with love, faith and joy.

I hope you all had a truly blessed holiday and found moments that touched your heart and rekindled your spirit.

enjoy the reflections of your special holiday memories,

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