Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Where Are You Christmas?

I have always loved Faith Hill's version of the theme song from the Grinch movie, but this year it is feeling more like a personal anthem.

I love Christmas. I look forward to Christmas all year long. I love the shopping...I don't even mind the mobs of people or the parking. I love the foods and baked's one time of year I actually enjoy cooking and baking! I love the lights and the total feeling of festivity everywhere! But this year, it is not shaping up the way I am used to. This year it is all I can do to remember my favorite holiday of the year is now less than 5 days away! I have been fighting a cold for almost a week, I have been so busy getting my grandmother settled in her new place that I haven't placed a single ornament on my tree or gotten my house decorated at all, and I have so much shopping and cooking left to do that I have no idea how I will ever get it all done in time!

So I'm taking a moment to have a pity party for one. Sometimes that is what it takes to get over it. Then I will pick myself up, adjust my attitude, and GO FIND CHRISTMAS!

Here's my plan....
1. Turn up the holiday music as loud as I can. Nothing calms me like good Christmas music.
2. Make myself a steaming cup of hot cocoa. No, scratch that...Go to Starbuck's and get my favorite cup of hot cocoa! Yeah, much better idea!
3. Call in reinforcements (aka: Melissa) to help get the decorations out of the garage. Puppy pens are currently blocking their usual, very easy access.
4. Remind myself that the puppies (once sold) will actually pay for Christmas! Be very nice to the puppies.
5. Decorate the tree.
6. Take a break and eat the left over Thom Ka soup in the frig. Happy, happy!
7. Work on the tree some more. Be incredibly thankful that I didn't have to mess with lights as tree is pre-lit. Whew! That saved three days work!
8. Make Butterscotch Haystacks. They're very quick and easy so I will feel quite accomplished and it's hard to be frustrated when you are eating cookies!
9. Write a list of what I need to cook/bake and shop for.
10. Quit worrying and just do what I can do. Life is what you make it. And right now...I gotta go make Christmas happen!

enjoy your holiday preparations!

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Shannon Stamp said...

I am so pissed at my mom right now... I need a pity party for one right now! What, butterscotch haystacks? Receipe please! They sound wonderful and I am a big butterscotch fan...remember those life saver books, the butter rum one was my favorite!