Friday, January 11, 2008

Decor Obsession

I have a decorating obsession...with apothecary jars and footed vases! It began a few years ago when my even worse obsession began; the day I fell in love with Pottery Barn.

Every time I would be in the store they would have the coolest things filling their jars and vases. They had tall ones and little ones, skinny ones and mammoth-sized ones. No matter what season or theme they were selling, these containers made fabulous additions.

So, I began to search for some jars to call my own; hoping for a little smaller price tag. I found my first one at Marshall's (I love this store!), but unfortunately it didn't even make it home in one piece. Two lessons the thickness of the piece you buy (thicker is better!) and watch the clerk who wraps it up for you. If I had been aware how poorly it was protected I would have asked for more paper and re-wrapped it myself.

While moving into my new townhouse, my Grandmother asked what I would like for a house-warming gift. It took me only a brief second to yell out, "...a Pottery Barn jar!" She got me a PB gift card, I happily headed for the mall, and my collection was underway.

I found another at a discount store and purchased it for next to nothing. I began watching for them everywhere. Discount stores, clearance sales, thrift stores. The better the price, the happier I was!
I added in serving pieces as well. Glass trifle bowls, footed candy dishes, etc. They all make great additions to the collection by adding more variance in height and shape.

I have filled them with sand and shells, pine cones and leaves, decorative snow and glass ornaments, candy and more! I use them many places throughout my home and for every holiday! I think they are one of the most versatile decor pieces one can own. And they add just the right touch of elegance and simplicity.
So I've searched the web for some of today's greatest sources for jars and thought I'd share what I found.....

Kohls has a couple great pieces for $8 each (reg. $30).

Stonewall Kitchen carries the large gallon and 2-gallon jars that work great for sand and shells, or flour and sugar canisters in the kitchen. ($19-$25)

Save On Crafts has a few (and it is a great site for other craft and wedding decor supplies as well!
16" $15. (reg. $30)

A few other stores and sites that carry them (although for a bit more $$$) are: Pottery Barn,, and

enjoy whatever collection you're hunting for!

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