Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Love is in the air....

I feel like I've been celebrating Valentine's day for a month already!

I decorated the retreat house weeks ago, I decorated our house on SuperBowl Sunday and we both already got our gift from each other!

We each got a new snowmobile helmet. While it may not seem the most romantic gift...I LOVE mine!!! and I think he is pretty happy with his too. I have been wearing a helmet that I got when I first started riding - fourteen years ago - and while it isn't as bad as it sounds, it was due to be replaced. And, it didn't match my coat either...reason enough to need a new one, right?!! Now everything matches perfectly!

When roger arrived home the other day, I met him at the door, threw my arms around him and said, "Happy Valentine's Day Baby!" and gave him a big kiss. He looked a bit puzzled and said, "But it isn't Valentine's Day yet." I quickly replied, "Well it MUST be, because my new helmet came today!!!" I stepped back so he could see it, all out of the box and opened up! He was surprised that I had ripped in to it and already had it on...with the coat, no less, so I could see how HOT it looked! LOL! It made him very happy that I was soooo excited about it.
That is really what Valentine's Day should be about. Not how much money you spend, or making sure you bring home the traditional long-stemmed red roses, but rather what will make your loved one's face light up. What makes them momentarily giddy with excitement!

So we will have a nice, home-cooked dinner tomorrow then head up Friday to the mountains to do a little snowmobiling...with our new helmets. His boss has a cabin and has graciously allowed us to use it for the weekend. A wonderfully romantic getaway for two. Perfect.

enjoy making your loved one happy tomorrow!


Shannon said...

Nice helmet. At first I thought it looked like my bike helmet. Have fun this weekend up in the mountains and drive safe! No accidents! I am so excited to watch Daytona 500 this weekend, and maybe get in some scrapbooking.

Jolene George said...

I would be excited about the new helmet too. I'm all about what makes you happy over tradition. You're weekend sounds like a great time together.
I love the new basic gray stamps and the MM slice. Fun stuff!