Friday, March 7, 2008

The A-B-C's of Me...and You!

I saw this idea while blog surfing and decided it wouls make a fun guide for a mini-book about Me, as well as a great Blog quiz for all my friends and I to play together! So I tweaked the questions a bit and viola! Fill out the A-B-C's of You and post it on your blog or create a mini- book of You! Leave a message to direct us to your blog to show us all the results.

A - Age: (Okay, so this question I didn't tweak, but maybe should have! LOL!) 42
B - Book(s) you enjoy: Anything by Nicholas Sparks or John Grisham; Scrabble Dictionary
C - Can't live without...My family! They keep me grounded, motivated and feeling secure!
D - Dessert you'll spoil your dinner for: Buttered popcorn or White cake cupcakes w/chocolate frosting!
E - Essential start to your day: A kiss from my hubby!
F - Favorite genre of music: Country
G - Greatest vacation you've taken: Our cruise to the Caribbean Islands (St Kitts, St Lucia, St Maarten)
H - Hope you have for the future: All of our children being around more.
I - Incredible sight you'll never forget: The look in Rog's eyes on our wedding day.
J - Job title(s) you currently hold: Office Manager, Retreat House Owner/Operator
K - Kids in your family: Three - My two girls and Rog's son
L - Last movie you watched: Vantage Point w/Dennis Quaid - Loved it!
M - Month you love the most: July - sunny weather, my birthday, 4th of July
N - Newest piece of clothing you own: I went on a shopping spree before going back to work and bought a few sweaters, blouses and capri pants.
O - Opposed to... The hideous shooting rampages people are committing weekly around the country.
P - Phobia you wish you could conquer: Fear of heights.
Q - Quote you love: "If not now, when? If not me, who?" - unknown "Live the life you have imagined" - Thoreau
R - Right or left-handed? Right.
S - Scent that reminds you of childhood: That plastic lunch pail smell. Opened a new soft-sided cooler and it smelled like that and instantly took me back to second grade!
T - Time of day you love most: Morning. Waking up with my hubby curled up next to me. Feeling energized and knowing its a fresh chance to do what I need to do.
U - Unique talent you possess: Nothing really unique...organizing, doodling.
V - Veggie you love: Zuchinni
W - Want to accomplish...getting out of debt!
X - Extra fun hobby you have: Scrapbooking, photography, event planning.
Y - Yummy food you make: Beef Barley soup, Swedish Meatballs and PB Rice Krispy treats with chocolate/butterscotch frosting.
Z - Zoo animal you are most like: Lion. Protective of what I love, way too thick of hair, and a born leader with a pretty loud voice.

enjoy the game!

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