Friday, April 11, 2008

For my Far Away Friends...

People are always asking me how to get a booth job at their local papercrafting trade show, so I've decided I will post the messages I get and hopefully, those in search of booth work and those in search of booth help can connect!

Here is the latest announcement:

The ScrapRack needs you!
Help at a show, get free admission, earn some $$, earn some product and have LOTS of fun!!
Are you planning on attending either the Great Lakes Mega Meet in Novi/Detroit, Michigan or the Great American Scrapbook Show in Arlington, Texas?
he ScrapRack is looking for booth help at both of these shows. We need one helper each day at each show.
If you're interested in helping please email me at:

I personally, LOVE the Great Lakes Mega Meet...It is one of my favorites!!! I have worked this show a couple times and it has a different feeling than some of the others I've attended/worked at. If you are in the area, check it out! Their next show is May 8-10.

*Disclaimer....I am simply posting the ads I am sent. I am not usually personally connected to the companies or employees. I offer no personal recommendations other than to always reach a shared understanding/agreement before any booth work begins on expectations, responsibilities and compensation.

enjoy the opportunities that offer pay for doing something that you love!


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