Friday, May 23, 2008

And the Winner is...

David Cook! YEA!

After Tuesday night's Finale show aired,
I was a little bit nervous for my favorite David.
He didn't seem to pull out the BIG guns like the younger David had.
I hoped that his overall time on Idol would see him through
to the winner's circle, but I wasn't entirely confident.
Fans can be so unpredictable and, honestly, a little flaky.
Loyalty doesn't seem to last long in show biz, unfortunately.
So I hoped for the best.

And as we watched the after-the-vote Finale episode,
I found myself wishing it was the before-the vote episode.
His magic was back! He was incredible with ZZ Top!!!!!
I'd pay to see that performance! Of course, I am a huge ZZ Top fan,
but none-the-less, David was awesome!
Again, I crossed my fingers and hoped the world saw what I saw in him.

And apparently they did!
With over 95 MILLION votes the winner was Kansas City bartender,
David Cook!

I love it when the world gets it right! And they don't always.
I was truly shocked, jaw-dropped-to-the-floor shocked, when Taylor Hicks
somehow managed to win the worlds' votes a few seasons ago!!
I still ask myself how the heck THAT happened?!
But this season, both finalists are destined to be huge stars. Little David without
a doubt earned himself a great record deal as well. And deservedly so.
Second place really isn't a bad thing on American Idol.
Just ask Clay Aiken.

Want more details on David's win and the American Idol Finale?
I loved this article from the Kansas City Star newspaper.
(The above photo was from their site.)

enjoy the CDs these idols are sure to have out soon,

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