Friday, May 23, 2008

Jimmy on Late Night

While I'm not a huge Late Night with Letterman Show watcher, I am a huge Jimmy Buffet fan. Check out this after-the-show extra Jimmy stayed on to perform.

Jimmy Buffet on Letterman.

There is just something about Jimmy that I find soooo incredibly relaxing. It may be the sound of the steel drum playing while he sings, or the "spoken from the heart" words that encompass his songs. Maybe it's the fact that he has no pretense about who he is and how he lives. He travels his own path and his goal all along, I believe, was simply to be happy...and along the way he became incredibly rich just by doing what he loves and doing it in a way he believed in. To me, Jimmy is the true definition of success.

Nothing takes me back to the Caribbean faster than a Buffet song. And I (mentally) go back there a LOT! The sand, the sun, the music...What's NOT to LOVE?! I'm counting the days till I can dig my toes back into the white sands of the Caribbean and feel the warm, clear water literally wash away my stress.

enjoy the things that take you to your happy place!

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