Monday, June 2, 2008

Healthy Living - Days 3-5

Weight Loss Tip: Don't begin a diet or weight loss plan on a Monday. It tends to make us over-indulge all weekend in preparation for "having to go without!" Start mid-week, then your first few (hardest) days are rewarded sooner when Saturday and Sunday roll around and you can relax a little.

I began my new plan on a Wednesday. And while I may have forgotten to do my grocery shopping beforehand, it was the perfect day to begin.
Friday weigh in results: 3 pounds down!!!!

Since I am creating the rules of this new plan, I have decided not to count Points on weekends. That is not to say that I eat anything and everything and ignore all point values, but rather make sensible, low-point options without having to calculate Points, avoid dining out, or enjoying my weekend activities. I can relax a bit.

Here's how it went this weekend....

Friday night: We deliberated about where to go out for dinner without blowing my Points, and finally decided on Qdoba (a place I really like). We pull into the parking lot and I get a giant whiff of flame broiled beef. (No, not Burger King...Red Robin!) I turn to Rog and say, "That's what really sounds good!!" It took only seconds for him to redirect the truck and turn into Red Robin (he isn't quite as big of Qdoba fan as I am!). Now, for what to order that won't completely counteract all my dedication the past two days? I decided on the mushroom burger. I tossed the top bun away (and some of the bottom as I went) and ate it open face with a fork. I did leave on the cheese, but I opted for water instead of Coke to drink. I ate maybe three or four fries and even a few spoonfuls of Rog's chocolate shake and noted that next time I only need a junior burger, as it was more burger than I could eat.

While I considered not weighing in until Monday, I decided I needed to know the damage I had done at Red Robin. Saturday Morning Weigh in results = 4 pounds down!

Saturday we were working on Grammy's house and I again tried to eat sensibly and snack smart so I wouldn't gain anything back. At breakfast I chose a Belgium waffle with fresh strawberries and whipped cream on the side (no butter) and a water (ugh-I hate water at breakfast! I usually treat myself and have one sip of Rog's Coke at the end of the meal to make me feel better though.) Lunch: McNuggets w/ sweet-n-sour sauce and a small Coke (9 Points). For dinner I had my favorite Thom Ka chicken soup and a cup of rice.
Sunday weigh in results: 5 pounds down!!!

Sunday was a real test. We went with friends to a Mariner's game. I opted for dark chocolate dipped strawberries (I think there were four on the skewer) and some popcorn (next time I will pop some of my 100 calorie and take it with me!). We had eaten breakfast before we went so as not to desire pizza, french fries, or Hebrew National hot dogs (we LOVE them)! I also brought along a bag of carrots so I could snack without any Points whenever I felt like it. We ate dinner at home. I had a Weight Watchers dinner of Salisbury steak and asparagus (4 Points) and a cup of leftover rice/soup from Saturday.

Monday's weigh in results = 5 pounds down! (No change from Sunday)

Dieting doesn't mean you can't eat out, you simply have to think harder about your selections. Strawberries dipped in chocolate rather than ice cream. A bunless burger without fries rather than a full burger with fries dunked in tarter sauce. Six McNuggets with sauce versus a Filet a Fish meal with fries.
enjoy eating the things you love, while making better choices!

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