Friday, June 13, 2008

Healthy Living - Week 2

So I have survived two full weeks of healthier living, and you know, it really hasn't been that bad! Through those 14 days, I lost eight pounds, gained back two, and then lost three for a total of:

-9 pounds!!

Things that helped me the most:

- A very supportive and encouraging husband.

- Weight Watchers frozen meals - ready to go with Points already calculated.

- Fresh Fruit in season.

- Pop Secret 100 Calories kettlecorn at the movies and anytime I need a snack.

- Reducing Coke from my diet and replacing it with more water.

- Eating before 6pm every night.

- Not snacking before bedtime.

- Weighing myself everyday at the same time.

- Keeping my "new" weight on a white board in my bathroom so I see it often.

As I went to my closet to get dressed, slipped on my favorite pair of Tommy jeans I remembered the reason why I drew the line in the sand and started this new plan.

I have had this particular pair of Tommy jeans for some time. When I first got them they were a little loose after I had worn them all day, but they were still my favorite jeans. After some time, they were no longer loose when I took them off at night, but I still loved them. One day I went to my closet, grabbed the beloved jeans and...OMG, they don't FIT!!!!! That was my Aha moment.

It wasn't about having to wear a certain pair of comfty jeans, it was a true realization of how I had let myself go. Little by little...pound by pound. I love those jeans, but I love me even more! I want to be healthy. I want to feel better. I want to be around to play with my grandkids. I want to grow old with my husband. And to ensure those things, I have to not only reduce my current weight, I have to learn to live differently. More healthy. For the long haul. Not just long enough for a fad diet that will get me to my "goal" weight.

It was time. It is still time. And I am happy to say, I grabbed those Tommy jeans off the shelf today...and put them on! A small goal reached. Another step on this lifelong journey of healthier living achieved. YEA!

Now, what other clothes do I have that I've been missing...?

enjoy the successes, however small, along the journey!


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