Thursday, July 24, 2008

6 Quirky things About ME!

When my friend Nicole tagged us all to list 6 quirky things about ourselves, I thought, yeah I can do that! But then, as I started listing my quirks, I realized rather quickly stopping at 6 may prove difficult. Apparently, I'm pretty darn quirky! I know, I know...YOU already KNEW that, and I guess deep down I did too, but this really cemented the fact for me.

So here are the top 6....

1. I'm a hair twirler. I have tried and tried to break the habit, but the only thing that stops me is having short hair. For seven years I kept my hair short and my habit (fairly) under control, but as soon as my hair once again reached my shoulders, my twirling picked up where it had left off years before. Oh well, I'm sure there are worse habits to have. Right?!

2. I cannot listen to "crinkle" noises. Rustling popcorn bags in movie theaters, chip bags at snack time, shopping bags in the mall...they all drive me over the edge. I'm not certain why, but the noise seems to amplify in my ears and it is more than I can bear. So my kids know if you want to eat chips at our'd better find a bowl!
3. I do not eat m&m's out of their bag (probably due to quirk #2) so when they aren't easily accessible in a candy dish, I pour them out on the table, desk, etc. and begin organizing them by color. There is a certain unconcious order in which I eat them as well. They are lined up in rainbow order, then all rows are brought to equal lengths, before I begin picking them off color by color. I never realized I had this quirk until years ago a co-worker pointed it out to me by asking me why I did it. I didn't know then, and I'm not sure today! But last week (while totally cheating on my diet) I realized I was doing it and snapped this picture. Who knew I'd be asked only days later to list my quirks! LOL!

4. I might be considered a compulsive organizer. That is not to say that everything in my house is clean and organized at all isn't. But when I do organize I tend to be what some say is a little over-the-top. The shirts in my closet are all hung in color order on matching colored hangers (white shirts have white hangers, black shirts have black, etc.). All the foods in our pantry face "label forward" and are always placed in neat, straight lines. I spend more time organizing my scrapbook supplies than I do actually scrapbooking. My books are categorized in different bookshelves around the house by category (bibliographies here, novels there, etc.).

5. I love to wrap gifts, but admit I'm a bit picky about how it's done! I have to crease all the edges after wrapping so that the gift has a very crisp look. And at Christmas time I have to use real ribbon for bows.

6. Like Nicole, I believe cake and ice cream should never be allowed to share a plate. I love both things, but HAVE to eat them separately! I hate wet, soggy cake...ugh! I also order my strawberry Belgium waffles with the berries on the side so as not to have a mushy, juice drenched waffle. I almost always prefer my toppings on the side...even salad dressings! I guess I'm more of a "dunker."

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Jolene George said...

Quirky is good! It's part of what make you YOU!
I'm so glad you girls enjoyed your trip to Vegas. Mark's parents use to live these so we'd go several times a year to visit. Mostly we'd stay at there house, but if it was a large family function we always got a hotel....for sanity sake. (too much of some family member can be too much!) Our kids always appreciated it as much as we did. We love all the fun things to do on the strip.
I have yet to check out all the fun new things from CHA. It's so fun to see all the creative new things to play with.