Thursday, July 17, 2008

You may have noticed (or maybe not) that I disappeared for a bit. Seems in summer all bloggers fall off the radar a little, and I am no exception.I got busy, my diet (aka: healthy living plan) was in ruins, and I just needed some time off. I am happy to report: I'm back, my diet is *getting* back on track, and a little R&R in Las Vegas with the girls gave me some much needed down-time!
Like most gals alone in Sin City without spouses for four days...we stayed up way too late, drank way beyond moderation, and lounged by the pool a little longer than we should have. But we had a fabulous time and I am now sporting the best tan I've had in over ten years!!! And after all was said and done I was only down $55 in gambling expenses (thanks to a turn of luck on the last evening!). Heck, I spent more than that on cocktails!
We saw Jersey Boys (LOVED IT!!!), ate at Margaritaville, scoped out the beautiful, new Palazzo Hotel & Casino, experienced habenaro chile dip (I barely survived!), went downtown and watched the Fremont light show, shopped at the outlet mall, walked until I had blisters, and (as noted earlier) drank and ate way beyond my allowed caloric intake!!! But I had a BLAST!!!

I gained 5 pounds in Vegas!!!!! Luckily, I have gotten all but one pound back off, but still have three to go to get back to my former diet success status. It is amazing how letting go of the Points/calorie counting, even for a short time, really makes a difference!

But dieting in Las Vegas is against the law, I think! Isn't it?! Well, It SHOULD be!

enjoy getting away and letting go of all rules!


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Las Vegas said...

Sounds like you had a blast in Vegas and I agree with you on Dieting in Vegas. It should be against the law because how can you go to Vegas and not experience the wonderful dishes at any of the restaurants. There are buffets so people can engorge themselves on things that they can never try at home. It still sounds like you had a blast and you were only down 55 dollars which is not bad at all. All good things must come to an end but i'm glad you had fun in Vegas and got to take a break from your diet which everyone needs.