Thursday, August 28, 2008

Gold Star Marketing

While I was in Las Vegas we made a trip to the outlet center and one of the stores we shopped in was Dress Barn. While waiting in line I couldn't help but notice their new, very cool marketing campaign. Very clean visually, and very inspiring. I remember thinking that it seemed rather "scrapbooky" and by that I mean that the elements would go nicely into a scrapbook layout. I took a mental note that I should check out their website upon returning home. Well, time slipped by and I completely forgot about Dress Barn and their inspiring ads....until today. I was catching up on a friend's blog and read a inspirational piece that was taken from a Dress Barn ad. Here is that piece:

Let yourself do something for others today.
Let yourself laugh.
Let yourself make funny faces.
Let yourself eat too much chocolate.
Let yourself meet someone smarter than you.
Let yourself be.
Let yourself entertain new possibilities.
Let yourself listen more.
Let yourself discover a new friend.
Let yourself whet new appetites.
Let yourself open up.
Let yourself think young.
Let yourself pass it along.
Let yourself be dramatic.
Let yourself experiment.
Let yourself twirl.
Let yourself cook up something new.
Let yourself spill the sprinkles.
Let yourself help others.
Let yourself be stirred.
Let yourself shine.

enjoy the endless possiblities you can allow yourself!

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Tsoniki said...

In my RSS reader the list comes up without the colors and with a few choice words being bold - I'm so copying that into word so it keeps the bold! What a great quote. :)