Friday, August 15, 2008

Look who wised up!

I was shocked this morning to see this...
in my Michael's promo e-mail that I get and, honestly, seldom read. (*So it may not be brand NEW news to everyone else, but it knocked me off my chair a bit!)
Finally, a huge chain-store that realizes that papercrafters want high quality - over cheesy, low-priced - cardstock! I am curious to find out what the price point is!? There must be a few nervous local scrapbooks stores out there right now, as Bazzill has been a huge draw for them. I'm betting this was brought on by the failure/closure of the Recollections stores (Michael's version of a "local" scrapbook stores).
Hmmmm...interesting. And might I say, a much better idea than an entire wall of Martha supplies (sorry all you Martha lovers...I just never bought into her over-sized and over-priced line.) Only time will tell.....

You know I had to do it! I went and checked out Michael's today. The Bazzill paper sells for .69 a sheet. Are they out of their MINDS?!!! Even at 20% off it is .05 MORE than the local sb store! And I have to say, much to my amazement, they STILL have a complete wall dedicated to Miss Martha. Go figure. I was pleasantly surprised by one thing...they had a printed paper special running 4/$1.00 and one of my faves My Mind's Eye - Bohemia line was included! I usually pay $1.00 per sheet for it so I was overjoyed that my 16 sheets rang up to a mere $4.00!!!! All in was a good thing.

enjoy the new selection,

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