Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Not enough to do this summer?

Is that even remotely possible? Not for us. Like every summer we are busy, busy, busy. July was mostly work-busy, but I am happy to say the past couple weeks have been more play-busy (my favorite kind!!!)

This past weekend was Seattle's Seafair Cup (hydroplane races) so we spent two days out on Lake Washington in our boat. Two of Rog's old school buddies (from OR and CO) even made it up to join in the fun! We enjoyed a nice dinner out at McCormick's and Schmick's on Lake Union Saturday night and the bone-in rib steak was pure heaven! The steamed clams were also delish and now I am totally motivated to go dig some ourselves (add that to the calendar)!

Speaking of the calendar...While reading through my in-box this morning and reading about the recent DSP/Adobe Laptop crop in CA, I was presented with another awesome idea to add to it!
A Photo Walk.

You simply gather together a group of photography buffs (aren't most all scrapbookers photography buffs?), make a plan (select the path/destination, search out unique vantage points, print out a few "cool" shot ideas for the camera crew to keep in mind), and ENJOY a day out and get some spectacular pictures!

I can't wait to do this! Seattle offers some wonderful shots...downtown, Farmers' Market, the surrounding mountains, the lakes, the Puget Sound waterfront...we are very fortunate to have endless photo opportunities!

Here are a couple creative picture ideas I saw done by the DSP/Adobe gals...

* Gather the group in front of a store window and instead of window shopping, take advantage of the reflection and do some window snapping! It made a really cute group photo!

* Take note of the shadows that lay before you. Snap a shot of your own shadow on the sidewalk. It makes a fun, funky photo.

* Do a little research/web surfing to discover out-of-the-way vantage points and unique views to inspire even the most seasoned photographers. Think outside the box a little. It's time to see your city from a new angle!

* Seek out locations that will present opportunities for some interactive shots. Statues to pose with, hat stores that let you model the wares, interactive fountains, etc...

So watch out calendar, a sunny, fall day next month will be deemed Fall Photo Walk 2008. Anybody local want to join me?! I'm already mapping out the course!

If you're not local and decide to put together a Photo Walk in your hometown, come back and share a link to your pictures so we can all share in the fun!

enjoy the fun opportunities that you are presented with each day!

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