Monday, August 11, 2008

Turn Kids' Artwork into Cards

Here is a great summer project to do with the kids while they are home this summer! I spotted this idea while surfing the web (Creative Chicks at Play - a fabulous blog!) and I love it for a couple reasons...* It helps stay organized and clutter-free by putting the piles of children's artwork to use instead of hoarding it all in boxes forever or even worse...tossing it in the garbage. Now it can have a second life and bring joy to others. (Especially cool for notes to far-away family - also helps revive the quickly-fading tradition of handwritten notes.)

* The pride and self-esteem your child will have when you tell them you would like their artwork on your cards is priceless! And they can help with or do the project themselves to stay busy this summer!

* It's a quick and easy project with very little clean-up involved - because the messiest part of the artwork was done previously!

I only wish I had seen this idea years ago!

enjoy the projects that you can do with your kids,

Photo Credit: Creative Chicks at Play

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