Sunday, January 4, 2009

Time Out for Movies

Movies are a complete escape from real life for me. They are two, stress-free, self-indulged hours away from thinking about money, work, or relationships...well my own anyway. This holiday season with a Seattle snowstorm shutting down work days, garbage pick up and delivery services for over two weeks, there was a little more stress to be escaping from. So with gift cards and free passes in hand we set off to the movies on four different occasions! Here is what we saw:

Seven Pounds....

While this film was certainly the most anticipated for me, it seems to have all but dropped off the radar. I have yet to hear any post-release hype or big box-office revenue reports. Maybe having the plot kept so tight-lipped kept people away. That is a shame.

All they really revealed about this movie in trailers was that something has happened to this guy (Will Smith) and he sets out to better the lives of seven other people. How and why was a big secret that you could only discover by seeing the movie. Well, what he does for those seven people is incredible and you are left sitting in your seat as the credits roll wondering if you could be capable of such giving. I won't give away the secret but I will say it is huge! It is beyond a doubt a movie worth seeing!

Alert: Tissue will most likely be necessary

Marley & Me....

John Grogan's account of his life and times with a Labrador named Marley will make you laugh and remember that special pet in your life. My husband drug his feet at seeing this one as he deemed it a "kid movie." And while I wondered when the preview trailers were all for upcoming kid flicks, he was wrong. John and his wife Jen take us through many emotions as they face job changes, sacrifices and the introduction of kids into their lives. It drew close to home for me and I found the movie emotion beyond just the "dog" stuff. However with John's incredible sense of humor and Marley's continued mischief, laughter takes center stage throughout this film. Being a true story, however, they couldn't very well omit the sad moment at the end when John has to say goodbye to his canine companion. Over all, it leaves you wishing John worked for your local newspaper. I, for one, can't wait to read some of his columns.

Alert: If you've ever loved and lost a pet, tissue will be mandatory!

Grand Torino....

This was the surprise of the season for me. I like Clint Eastwood and usually never miss one of his films, but his performance in this movie is truly worthy of an Oscar! The message is so good on so many levels. It deals with racial prejudice, gang violence, and above all...taking a stand. It leaves you cheering when this old, Korean War veteran offers a hand to help out his Hmong neighbors. It moved me, it educated me, and it made me laugh. All the contents needed to make an incredible movie. We ended up seeing it twice and we didn't regret it.

Alert: Have a tissue on hand, just in case.

If you find yourself heading to the movies, there isn't one of these movies that isn't worth the admission price!

enjoy your two-hours of escape,

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Terry said...

I agree about Gran Torino. Very good movie.