Monday, January 5, 2009

How a Visual Crafter Organizes

How we create is key to how we organize!

While working on my book "Creative Spaces," I came to the realization that being a very visual person meant I had to organize more visually. Out of sight for me often meant out of thought. I had to find ways to put things "away" while still having them in front of me.

Now I prioritize what needs to be most visible by what I use the most and what I forget about the most.

I love stamps! To me they are little pieces of art in themselves, but I always forgot about them. They were neatly sorted by themes, in cute little drawers, behind cabinet doors. While the room looked crisp and clean with things behind doors, my pages were a little crisper as well....because they didn't have any embellishing! Now I store my most loved stamps in jars and see-through baskets, colanders....anything that keeps them in view. That is not to say as the stamps I will need to make the occasional "welcome baby" card are visible, just those that I know I will use most often. The rest are still neatly sorted by themes, in cute little drawers, behind cabinet doors. Easy to find when they're needed.

I am inspired by seeing my supplies. When I walk into my room and see all the stuff it just makes me want to create something. It stirs up ideas and motivates me. Why do we feel so inspired in a sb store? Because all of the products, colors and images inspire us!

I had a friend make a comment that really opened my eyes. While describing my room to another friend she said, "It's like a store; everything displayed in these cute, little jars!" She was right. I had created my own little "boutique." Putting everything out in the open so that when creating, I could simply peruse my shelves looking for that certain thing I needed. So instead of being called a visual organizer maybe I should use the term, boutique organizer...for those of us that keep that shopping feeling alive!

enjoy the style of organizing that works best for you!


Elaine A said...

Hi Deanna -

I love the photos of your studio. I am in the process of orgganizing my new studio and have to say - its taking me a while. I get spurts of energy and can go like gangbusters for hours and then I get distracted and don't touch it for days. And I hate working with stuff all over the place. Sometimes I walk in and just walk back out - I get overwhelmed by all the stuff and how to store them. Like what items should go in what container, should I put all pencils together, but then what about watercolor pencils, should I store them with my watercolor paints? Get the idea - I guess I am just overthinking everything and thus making myself nuts :o)
I can't wait until your book comes out - looking forward to it.

Happy New Year!

Elaine Allen

Molly said...

How funny - I am in the process of doing that very thing! I love apothecary jars anyway and then I decided to store my craft items in them because, exactly like you said, if I don't see it I won't think to use it.
Well now I am doubly inspired!