Friday, February 5, 2010

What's New in Scrapbooking - Part 2

In the Tool category a few things caught my interest...

The i-Top tool isn't new, but Imaginisce has added some new things to "top!" Now you can top magnets (perfect for those adorable magnetic perpetual calendars), brads, buttons and badges.
And how many times have you poked your finger trying to set a brad? We Are Memory Keepers introduced the tool that will end that problem! I haven't tried it yet but am anxious to add it to my toolbox!

Fiskars introduced a new personal trimmer with a patented triple blade and rail system that interlock for straighter, more precise cuts. (Fingers crossed that we finally can get perfect cuts from a personal size trimmer!) I love my large Fiskars trimmer but have not had as much luck finding a travel-sized version that I feel as good about. Maybe this time....

In the oranizational category, only a couple items have caught my attention...

Simply Renee's new Clip It Up floor model. For those with little table or counter space (or just too much stuff - LOL) this is a fabulous solution! This model, retailing for $230, stands 6' tall and has three 15" arms (extra arms can be purchased separately as well). They work great for organizing quilt squares as well as scrapbook supplies and with the ability to adjust the distance between the arms it allows you to customize it to whatever you want it to hold!

This next new product has me re-thinking how I store my ribbon! Best (the people that bring you those fabulous drawer systems) has introduced not only a fabulous ribbon storage system (the containers fit neatly and compactly into drawers), but also a ribbon spooler! One of the reasons I quit storing my ribbon in neat little rolls was because I was spending WAY too much time rolling it! Now using a similiar concept as DMC thread users have been using for years, Best gives us a large enough version for ribbon! I love it!

Watch for my favorite paper lines released at CHA in Part 3 of What's New in Scrapbooking!

enjoy the newest tools of the trade!

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