Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Fresh Start for the New Year!

Happy Twenty-Eleven!

I want this new year to be a total success. I want this new year to be fabulous! So, to help make it happen, I decided to set some life goals......eleven of them to be precise. I'm not calling them New Year's resolutions because, well frankly, I never seem to take that term seriously enough. The list contains things that will improve my overall life and bring me greater joy, so I'm calling them Life Goals. It's like a one-year bucket list! While some will be easier to achieve than others, I am hoping a strong commitment and lots of determination will have me crossing each one off the list throughout the coming year.

I won't share the entire list right now, but I will share the one that has to do with blogging. One of the goals on the list is to reformulate the way I've been (or not been) blogging these past few years. I've sporadically shared all sorts of topics from the very personal moments in my life to new recipes, organizing, decorating and even sale announcements. But I feel like it's become to disjointed. So, while I do not have the technology-side of things worked out just yet (although I know it's possible), I have the details of what I want to accomplish all ironed out. Instead of writing in five or six different blogs (to cover all the things I want to talk about and share), I will dedicate one specific day of the week to each topic. In the end, I will have "category" buttons across the top of my page for quick access to the topic(s) readers care to follow along with.

The daily topics will be:

On the Menu - Monday (recipes, menu planning, and food and restaurant specials)

Oh, 2B Organized - Tuesday (craft room and home organization tips, examples, and storage solutions)

World of My Own - Wednesday (the personal side of life, MS, my goals, projects, and daily doings)

Thrifty Decor & More - Thursday (home decor ideas, re-purposing, thrifty finds, and what's hot)

Time to Get Fit - Friday (exercise, weight loss, diet and nutrition)

Writing five times a week will be a challenge for me, but it is officially on the goal list and I want to make it happen. I can't promise to be perfect and never miss a day, but I am renewed in my desire to write and share more in 2012. Okay, there's no turning back's out black and white...for everyone to see! Wish me luck! ;)

enjoy setting goals that make you push yourself!

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