Thursday, January 20, 2011

How to WOW-Up your walls

For the first time in my life I live in a rental home. And while most of the time it doesn't feel any differently than owning a home, there are some moments. With every nail hole I pound in the wall, I dread the day I have to putty them before we leave. And when the urge to add color to my walls strikes me, I realize they aren't really my walls.
Well, today I learned about a way to transform your walls in a completely safe and temporary using liquid starch and fabric! It adheres beautifully and stays put until you're ready to remove it, then it peels away without any damage to the wall what-so-ever! Amazing!

I first heard about the idea while watching The Nate Berkus Show. Click here to watch the segment.

Matt and Shari have a great tutorial (and endurance testimonial) on their website too.
I can hardly wait to try this and I'm thinking there may be more than just walls to try this technique out on. Stay tuned!

enjoy recreating the look of your walls, permanently or temporarily.

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