Thursday, January 27, 2011

Elegant Simplicity

When decorating your home for the holidays, sometimes the simplest look is the most elegant (and romantic). Sure, big, glittery hearts have their place this time of year, but sometimes a more subtle decor option has the biggest effect.
This shelf vignette was posted by Jessica at Craftily Ever After and I love it! She designed the subway art herself and framed it. With the addition of a couple candles, candleholders, and flower balls, the look is complete.
Like most people, over the years I have acquired a ton of extra picture frames - in every size imaginable. Realizing nobody really needs that many frames, I was getting ready to donate a bunch to the Goodwill when I had an idea. I could keep just a few frames (for specific rooms/walls), and simply "swap out" the images each holiday making it seem as though I have a huge inventory of great seasonal artwork without having to take up priceless room in the garage!

enjoy the romance and elegance of simplicity.

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