Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A Celebration of Love...

Happy Valentine's Day!!!
(Okay, so I'm a bit early, but I'll be away from my computer most of the day)
What can be better than a day dedicated to LOVE?! Some say that is nothing more than a "Hallmark" holiday, but to that I say, "Who Cares?!" When is celebrating love a bad thing? I say maybe if we focused on how much we care about each other more times throughout the year maybe we'd live in a happier world! While card shopping today (yes, I confess, I like the hunt of finding the perfect card) I actually saw an ANTI-Valentine's Day card! I couldn't believe it!! They think the people who are upset about having to spend money on Valentine's Day will spend money to protest it instead?! Highly unlikely. And I do believe back in the day, Valentine's were made by hand from lacy doilies and little doodads. Where is it written that you have to give diamonds and Godiva chocolates to succeed on V-day?! (Okay, so I'd love some Godiva chocolate, but that's just a personal obsession on my part!) I heard someone else say, "If I buy you diamonds this year, you'll expect them EVERY year!" A television show even highlighted two men competing to out-do each other in the gift department for their wives! Ridiculous! If there are any men reading, I'll give you some insider information...sneak into your wife's scrap supplies, make a handmade card all by yourself and present it to her over a dinner you prepared especially for her. After you're done doing the dishes, she'll be showering you with incredible amounts of love and affection! Diamonds? Who cares about diamonds?! (Okay, so I love them...but I can wait for my birthday to get 'em!! LOL!) I just think we need to get back to the main reason we have Valentine's Day...to celebrate the love in our lives! And you can't put a value on that...it's priceless!
What the world needs now, is love, sweet love....
Enjoy the day!

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