Tuesday, February 13, 2007

If I Was....

I saw this on Shannon's blog and thought it seemed like a fun little entry, so I'm going to play too (Thanks Shannon!)....If you were a ____, what would you be?

A Vegetable – corn on the cob - hang out at fairs...always with a ton of other corn friends!
An Animal – a puppy - they pretty much get away with anything!
A Fruit – a lime - Oh, I can taste the Corona now...
A Color - Fuchsia - bright, energizing, and sassy!
A Household Object – television...always in the know, and the center of attention!
An Article of Clothing – an old, favorite pair of blue jeans - always making people feel good!
A Drink – Long Island Ice Tea - a little bit of everything included and they sneak up on you!
A Famous Person - Oprah - who wouldn't want to be Oprah?! Charitable, rich, and true to herself!
A Film Character – I already feel a bit like Meg's "You've Got Mail" character...used to own a store, found my soul mate on-line...story of my life! ;)
A Cartoon Character - Tinkerbell - with a figure like that AND magical powers?! DUH!
A Car – Lincoln Navigator - Bold, adventurous, dependable and expensive!
A City – Key West - relaxed, warm and beautiful!
A Country - Sweden - always seem to avoid taking sides, have incredible pancakes, and they ARE the home of IKEA, right?!
A Mythical Creature – Mother Nature - always in control.
A Chocolate Bar – Hershey Kisses - I just love to kiss, what more can I say?!
A Book – a journal - a true confidant.
A Sport – Baseball - needs team involvement, not too violent, and I actually understand most all the rules!
A Word - Honesty - what you see is what you get.
One of your Family - My Aunt - she always seemed to know the answer to everything!
One of your Friends – Debbie G - the woman's on vacation ALL the time!!! LOL! ;)

Okay your turn....Enjoy!

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