Monday, February 26, 2007

Creative Inspiration...

What ignites your creative spark?

For me, it is the colors and textures of the supplies I have collected. All I need to do is spend a little time sorting and organizing my scrapbook stuff and before I know it I want to drop everything and create!
I decided to clean off a bookshelf of work stuff (Memory Trends information now being replaced by CHA catalogs and samples) and suddenly the next thing I knew I was organizing my ribbon collection! Not sure how the transition occurred, but I'm glad it did! (And yes, the bookshelf did get completely clean too, so it was only a temporary distraction.)
There is just something about ribbon...I love ribbon! All those vibrant colors! I think the color above all else is what inspires me. I love the rainbow pallet organizing creates. I feel the same giddiness when I look at my cardstock collection in it's row of rainbow colors. Even as a small child, I had to have colors arranged in my own special order. That new box of Crayola Crayons...yep, I dumped them all out and re-sorted them every year as I readied myself for the first day of school! I never understood why Crayola couldn't get them arranged in correct color order! LOL! While some work best with a clutter-free environment, I must be surrounded by the colors of my supplies. The pallets beckoning to me. So, while I may have spent far too many hours re-arranging ribbon yesterday, my mind is bursting with fresh ideas and I am longing to create. That alone made it worth every minute!
enjoy the well as the result!

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