Friday, February 23, 2007

A Little Prompting...

Today I found myself with a loss for what to write. Nothing seemed significant enough to fill the page. While words are not something I usually run short on, today is different. My heart is heavy. My father in law is in the hospital and has taken a severe turn for the worse. We pray that he is comfortable and knows how much love surrounds him. It is all we can do from so far away. We are so grateful that we could all be together in Florida the week of the wedding, sharing happy and healthy times. I've said it before, but I'll say it again....don't waste the moments you are given. Live in them. Cherish them.

While some would say, just don't write today. I need to. For me it's therapeutic. And heck, it's cheaper than other forms of therapy, right?!
I decided to go to Creativity Portal, a site that gives you prompts to write about each day. A jump start if you will. The prompt was:
One thing you must accomplish today is...
Accomplish? I don't feel like I want to accomplish anything today. I want to climb back under the covers and wake up tomorrow with our world right again. But unfortunately, life doesn't work that way. And there is something I need to accomplish today. I need to be the comfort my husband seeks. To be his strength when he feels weak. To be a shoulder he can cry on. To soothe his heart as it is breaking. To hold him and love him. To be the best wife and best friend I vowed to always be. Yes, I have much to accomplish today.
So when we feel we have nothing we want to write about, we need only look to our heart for the prompting. It was there all along. I merely had to follow it...
enjoy the day,

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