Wednesday, February 21, 2007

New Ideas Abound....

I am thankful for so many incredible craftroom photos and organizational product submissions coming in for the book. I am so excited to pull all this great information together to share with crafters across the country. So many people have such great ideas to share! Even I am discovering great new things I didn't know where out there. And being a *tad* obsessed with storage options since I first started scrapbooking over twelve years ago, that's hard to believe! Over the years I thought I'd tried just about everything. As my passion for papercrafting grew, so did my need for bigger and more effective storage options. Supplies that once fit into a cardboard box, now require an entire studio! I've utilized many sources along my creative journey...Rubbermaid totes, Tupperware containers, Crop in Style's original soft sided bags sold out of their garage, fishing tackle boxes, tool boxes (I still love my Zag), 12x12 zippered bags, Iris carts (in every size imaginable), spice racks, Cropper Hopper's plastic boxes (years ago) to 12x12 paper holders, and of course, IKEA's plethora of jars and boxes....and now my studio cabinets!! From the little eyelet tins that never stayed closed to the Display Dynamics paper towers first made for EK Success...I feel like I've tried most everything along the way. There were things that worked great and things that have been improved and replaced over time. I have what we jokingly call the "organization graveyard." Older storage pieces packed in boxes that I just can't get rid of.
Always on the lookout for new options, I came upon an unexpected find at Tuesday Morning last week; a myriad of soft sided totes and storage pieces. They were a great deal and I struggled in the aisle trying to think of ways I could use them. In the end I decided I really did not "need" them. Although a great deal on organizing supplies always tugs at my heart! I left them there, awaiting the next customer who could put them to great use. For my studio system and "on-the-go" pieces are almost perfectly honed to my needs now. Well, for now... I, like most crafters, will always be watching for the next great thing to make my crafting life easier and more organized. It is a job that is truly never finished. Kind of like scrapbooking itself. It grows and evolves with our lives.
enjoy the evolution!


Carole Hepburn said...

Love reading your posts - heard about your blog from Tiffany Haller at the store.....I too have changed and changed and changed again my storage for my craft room. Lately it has been in piles on the dining room table !

Missed you at CHA - Carole from Sharin' Memories / Olympia

Deanna (DW) Shain said...

Thanks Carole! I will be at the store Monday around 4-4:30...see you all then!
Hugs, -d.