Thursday, February 22, 2007

Two by Twelve....

Through blogging, or rather by being a blog reader, you find the coolest stuff! This quiz was found at . I believe original credit goes to Simple Scrapbooks magazine, although I have changed it up a bit (okay, quite a bit) know I can't just can't do what the instructions say! LOL!
Consider yourself tagged and play along...

1. two everyday items i couldn't live without: contact solution, my pillow

2. two of my favorite songs: Daughtry's Home, My Destiny by Katharine McPhee

3. two things i want to do before i die: kiss Roger under the Eiffel Tower, have grandkids

4. two things i did yesterday: watched American Idol, made dinner - first time all week!

5. two stores i love to shop at: IKEA, Sharin' Memories sb store

6. two things that scare me: heights, my children's safety

7. two snacks i could eat everyday: fruit dipped in dark chocolate, buttered popcorn

8. two favorite things in my craft room: my 27" monitor, family photos

9. two cars i have owned: Chevy Blazer (13 yrs ago - now), VW Jetta (1-1/2 yrs - now)

10. two places i want to go on vacation: Caribbean (next month!!!), Paris (someday)

11. two of the last photos i took: sunrise in the mountains, My easel (see next question)

12. two of the last projects i have worked on: my new studio clock (you get to decorate 12 outer squares) - LOVE it, and the easel (shown above) project. (the 5x7 aluminum easel was a second-hand store find for only .50! Remember the day I was stranded when my car broke down? I simply mounted the photo on black cardstock and added rub-ons. so quick and easy!)
enjoy your turn....

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