Sunday, February 11, 2007

Ninety Days....

Roger and I celebrated our three month anniversary yesterday! Yes, we celebrate EVERY month. We even chose to get married on the tenth as that is the day we first met, so we could continue celebrating the same day forever! You could say the tenth of Everything is a holiday for us!! I commented that it seemed like we've been married a lot longer than three months. Roger agreed. Then he said, "It's been ninety days; somehow that makes it sound longer." It still doesn't sound like very much time to me. So much has happened since we stood on the beach that day. How did all that fit into only three months time?! Amazing! Ninety days. Isn't that how long most warranties last now? And how many days you have to return items purchased at Target? Well, I have no complaints and no intentions of returning anything!!! Our wedding day was among the happiest days of my entire life. Definitely worth celebrating twelve times a year! Everyone should celebrate more often. Keep the focus on the happy moments in life; take time to rejoice and be thankful for each other. Whether its been ninety days or nine hundred.

I was asked to show the invitation and thank you cards we made for our special here they are!

Enjoy...and celebrate! -dw
Digital Layout Credits: Swirl overlay: Andrea Victoria, Photo Edge: Lauren Bavin/, fonts: Scriptina and Broken Ghost, Paper: Tide (designer unknown - sorry I could not locate the correct credit file - if you know, please share it with me so I can give due credit.)

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