Wednesday, February 7, 2007

An IKEA Obsession!

I LOVE IKEA!! I really, really LOVE it! I would say it is one of my two favorite stores in the world (tied with Pottery Barn)! I especially love the "as is" department!!! While in the area running an errand (it's about an hour from our house), Roger was a sweetheart and indulged my IKEA obsession. We only went to the "as is" department...even went in the exit door to avoid having to walk through the entire store! And as always, I found some great deals!!! A four place setting of dishes for my baby girl, who may or may not move out this summer (depends on which day you ask her), for only $4.80! She was funny when I told her I found them in the "as is" section..."What, they were too much regularly, so you bought me chipped ones?!" Yea, honey...a deal's a deal! LOL! Kids! I explained to her that they were in perfect condition, merely unwrapped or being discontinued. Along with the dishes, I scored a 16x20 frame for $5, and a bunch of collapsible storage pieces to alter for a whopping .30 each!!!! I figure after covering them in a paper of my choice, they will make incredible additions to my studio! Just put those in the ever-growing cabinet of "things to alter!" So many much fun to be had! And lastly, I scored two more of those metal storage boxes that I love, for only $2! The "as is" section is like going to a garage sale at your favorite store! And a lot of times I uncover incredible savings on things I planned to buy the studio cabinets we scored last summer...or the ribbon jars that I sometimes buy missing their lids, then later score on the matching lids for only a dime! A perfect deal! So next time you are at IKEA, don't miss the "as is" just never know what buried treasure you will dig up! I never seem to walk away empty handed...
enjoy the hunt!

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