Wednesday, August 8, 2007

...and what a week it was!

We are home from our boat buying road trip/adventure. We went from Washington to Texas in 5 days, bought a boat we love, had some great time with Rog's family (from Arkansas) and managed to survive 2 blown tires, 1 popped spare and some mechanical malfunction along the way! We actually arrived home Monday morning at 2 am, but needed one day to catch up on our sleep and rest our weary bodies and another day to catch up on life, e-mail, work etc...It was a long, long ride, but one I look back on and smile. Rog and I had some fabulous time to just be alone together and savor each other's company. With busy day to day lives it is easy to fall into the trap of talking about work, kids, more kids, and more work! It was very nice to just talk about us and our future. Just like back when we were dating and didn't let the outside world consume us so much. It was worth every mile!

******Another bonus was definitely the time we had to visit with Rog's mom, grandparents, sister and brother in law! We enjoy our time with them so much and it is never often enough. It was a little easier to say goodbye this time though, as we will be flying back down in December to attend his nephew's wedding.

Here is our new addition....a Crownline 225 Bowrider

The seating is my favorite part of the has a wrap around U-shape bench in the rear, seating in the open bow, and two captains chairs. So in all, the boat seats 12 people!
We took it out on it's first Washington voyage on Monday afternoon and we absolutely LOVE it!!! Now if only the sun would come back out again!

enjoy the journey and all it contains along the way...


Shannon S said...

WOW! Awesome Boat. We will have to do some camping in our new trailer and pick a place with boating as well, to play with the new toys!

Jolene George said...

That is one beautiful boat. I forsee lots of fun memories on there. A little car trouble is worth the time you two got to spend together. So glad you got to visit family too.

Colleen Schaan said...

What a great boat...the trip sounds a bit eventful yet fun. Isn't it nice to reconnect with those you love?