Monday, October 8, 2007

What a Difference a Week Makes!

I thought I'd take a quick second and let everyone know I finally got a few pictures of the retreat house posted!

It has been such a crazy week getting from this...

To this.... We were very fortunate to have both Rog's mom (out from Arkansas) and my mom working with us night and day to pull the house together enough to host the Supply Liquidation Sale and Open House! We couldn't have done it without them!!!!

I'll be working at the house most of this week as well, so posts will be hit and miss for awhile yet. It will be great when I get internet service at the retreat house so I can check mail and blogs from there as well!

Thanks for understanding my time away! I'll be a better blogger again real soon! ;)

enjoy the feel of fall in the air...



Colleen said... the transformation! I am glad everything is going well. Congrats on the successful venture.

Jolene George said...

It looks BEAUTIFUL! I'm so impressed and now that you've teased me I want to see more pictures of the rest of it.
Family is a wonderful thing. So glad yours was there to help you. I totally understand how busy you are and will take what I can get when you have time to share. :o)

Shannon said...

Hey friend,

Love the new place.... congrats. Can't wait to see it in person, sorry missed the open house, live has been crazy busy for me too. If you get 16 people together, all 16 stay free? Just questioning your special or is it just one person stays free?