Friday, January 18, 2008

Pick Your Candidate...

Now, I know there are certain subjects that are typically avoided in these type of forums, but I tend to not be a real "rule follower" so here goes...

Are you following the Presidental campaign? Do you know who you're rooting for or are you, like me, still in deliberations?

I saw this quiz today and decided to give it a go. It asks you how you feel on different hot political topics and then informs you which candidate you're answers most closely match.

My winner was John Edwards, and while I have supported him in the past, I was a little surprised. And for as far apart as the two parties often seem to be, notice the small percentage difference between the candidates.

Try it out. See who is (or currently says they are) your closest match!

59% John Edwards
58% Barack Obama
54% Rudy Giuliani
47% Mitt Romney
47% Mike Huckabee

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