Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Word of the Year.

Ali Edwards fans everwhere know she faithfully selects a word each year and keeps it present in her world for the next 365 days. She surrounds herself with it and strives to incorporate it in to everything.

I decided to give it a try this year.

Now, I just need a word. Obviously, the word needs to be seriously thought out. It needs to have deep meaning and, in my case, multiple meanings. It needs to have the ability to inspire me, ground me and remind me of who I want to be and where I want to go in this coming year.

So, how does one go about narrowing down through bazillions of words to find that one magic word? Well, Ali and her mass of readers helped me quite a bit. While I used to love reading the dictionary as a child, it is a little harder thes days to spare the time. So I used cliff notes. I read Ali's list of words people had submitted to her blog. In true editor fashion, I started from the bottom of the list and read upward. I made it all the way to the "F" words before one jumped off the list and screamed at me.

My 2008 word is .....Forward.

Simple enough. Maybe too simple, I wondered? Nope, it fit just right. It can be applied many different ways. All of which will lead me upward, onward, and most importantly....forward!

I want to achieve new goals and sucesses, without dwelling on the failures of the past. Look forward.
I need to move steadfast and dillegently on my path. Keep the forward momentum.
I want to excel and arrive at the finish line ahead of the pack. Be in the forward position.
I want to be heard. Be bold and forward.
I want to lead with creative new ideas and designs. Be forward in my thinking.
I want to help others reach up and grab their stars. Help forward others on.

for·ward (fôr'wərd)
At, near, or belonging to the front or forepart; Located ahead or in advance.
Going, tending, or moving toward a position in front.
Moving in a prescribed direction or order for normal use.
Ardently inclined; eager. Lacking restraint or modesty; presumptuous or bold.
Deviating radically from convention or tradition; extreme.
Exceptionally advanced; precocious; progressive.
Of, relating to, or done in preparation for the future; In or toward the future.
In an advanced position or a configuration registering a future time.
To help advance; promote.

So, one resolution down. I picked my word. Now I have 351 days to act it out, achieve it, live it.
What is your word? Why did you pick it? What will you do with it?

enjoy the words that inspire you!

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