Thursday, April 24, 2008

Back from Sin City!

We just returned from our five-day trip to Las Vegas to celebrate Rog's 40th was a total BLAST! Lots of friends (arriving from three different states) joined us there to help Rog over the hill and we feel so blessed that they were able to make it! The weather was incredible (85 and sunny), the nights were late (but sooooo much fun), Defending the Caveman was hilarious, the gambling wasn't too painful (except that one round at the NY NY roulette table!), the drinks were cold (and sometimes experimental - orange Icee and vodka! Who knew?!) and the food was abundant, and of course, full of calories!!! (Steamed clams, midnight BLT's, Krispy Kreme doughnuts, ice cream sundaes that were big enough for four, steak and potatoes, more steak and potatoes, the list goes on and on and on!!!)

A few of the highlights....

* We celebrated Rog's birthday dinner at Margarittaville and the balloon guy made awesome hats for Rog and Bob to wear around the strip!!!

* I decorated the hotel room, complete with a bar, while Rog was napping! That'll teach him to shut his eyes during the day!

* Lots of pool time, including trips down the water slide (right through the shark tank) for the guys. We women stayed on land, soaking up the sun!

* Rog was greeted with a geriatric survival kit from his sister and mom upon arrival and the gags just kept on coming! You only turn 40 once after all!

* We took in the newly released Fremont Experience show tributing Queen and also enjoyed the cover band, Queen Nation, playing live a few nights.

* We discovered a little bar called Hogs and Heifers just off Fremont and quickly realized where the term "Women Rule and Men Drool" derived from! These female bartenders definitely run the show....complete with Coyote Ugly-type dancing on the bar, mega phone directives (and expletives!)! It was a unique experience and one the guys seemingly kept having to revisit to believe! LOL! Even the water bottles there were cool!

* While there we missed the 7" of heavy snow that fell at home. It all melted long before we arrived back, but the evidence remained in the form of our crushed hot tub canopy! Oh well, summer will be here soon and we won't need it, right?! Add that bill to our Vegas losses and call it a day!

It was a fabulous trip loaded with awesome memories! Now to get the pictures printed and scrapbooked!

enjoy the time you have with good friends!

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